Wataru Sueyoshi

Tel: +81-3-3596-7301

Professional Qualif ications & Activities

  • Admitted in Japan, 1983
  • Daini-Tokyo Bar Association

Education & Prior Experience

The University of Tokyo (LL.B.), 1981
Admitted in Japan, 1983, Daini-Tokyo Bar Association
Joined Mori Sogo (currently, Mori Hamada & Matsumoto), 1983
Established STW & Partners, 2007
Visiting Professor, University of Tokyo Graduate Schools for Law and Politics, 2013-2016
Member of Subdivision on Copyrights of the Agency for Cultural Affairs organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports Science and Technology, 2014-present
President of the Intellectual Property Lawyers Network Japan ("IPLNET"), 2018-present


  • "International Exhaustion" 2018
  • "Legal Advice on Trademarks I" 2017 (Co-Author)
  • "Kazufumi Doi, Esq. and Revision of the Copyright Act" 2017
  • "Legal Advice on Trademarks (New Edition) 5th Edition" 2017
  • "Legal Advice on Design Law (New Edition) 3rd Edition" 2017
  • "Compass: Enterprises and Intellectual Property" 2017
  • "Authorship of a Cinematographic Work [Good-Bye Carol Case: The Second Instance]" 2016
  • "1500th Special Edition: Legal Practice and IP Practice - Looking Forward" 2016 (Co-Author)
  • "Defense of Restriction on Exercise of Rights" 2016
  • "Chapter II Trademark Registration and Applications for Trademark Registration, Article 3 Requirements for Trademark Registration" 2016
  • "Professor Tatsuki Shibuya and Supreme Court Judgments related to the Trademark Act" 2016
  • "TRANSCRIPION: Consideration on Recent Copyright System: Overview and Personal Impression" 2016
  • "Confusion between the Trademark Act, the Design Act, and the Unfair Competition Prevention Act" 2016
  • "Intellectual Property Right in the Near Future" 2016
  • "What is an Intellectual Property Attorney? -- Learn Intellectual Property Law" 2016
  • "[Way of Lawyers] Vol. 1 Power and Spirit to Grab Luck and Connection" 2016 (Interview)
  • "Skills and Techniques in Litigation -- On-site Report on Enterprise and IP Litigation" 2015 (Co-Author)
  • "Provisions regarding Secondary Publication and Secondary Use" 2015
  • "Korekiyo Takahashi's IP System" 2015
  • "Creativity of Computer Programs as Works" 2015
  • "Recent Trends in Revisions to the Copyright Act" 2015
  • "Trademarks and Indications of Goods or Business" 2014
  • "IP Litigation Trends and Practical Issues" 2014
  • "Struggle with Immature Licensing System" 2014
  • "Trade Secret in Japan -- how it has been protected and what measures should be taken to maintain its secrecy" 2014
  • "Legal Advice on Trademarks (New Edition) 4th Edition" 2014
  • "Employee Works" 2014
  • "License" 2014
  • "Ask Shuzo Yoshiwara Esq.: His Career as an Intellectual Property Attorney -- Testimony from the Pioneer of Bank and IP-related Legal Practice" 2014 (Joint Interview)
  • "Intellectual Property High Court" 2013
  • "Issues on Agreement concerning Works" 2013
  • "Governing Law for Consideration for Succession of Rights to Obtain Foreign Patent for Employee Inventions" 2013
  • "Judicial Precedents Regarding License Agreement Practices" 2012
  • "Round-table Discussion: Towards the Development of Japanese Media Contents across the Border -- What is needed for Japanese music and movies to succeed in the global market?" 2012
  • "Book Review: Moritz Balz, Marc Dernauer, Christopher Heath, Anja Petersen-Padberg (2012) BUSINESS LAW IN JAPAN -- CASES AND COMMENTS (Walters Kluwer)" 2012
  • "Legal Advice on Trademarks (New Edition) 3rd Edition" 2012
  • "Legal Advice on Design Law (New Edition) 2nd Edition" 2012
  • "On IP Law (New Edition)" 2012 (Editor & Co-Author)
  • "New Series: Frontier of the Patent Act 01 Calculation of Consideration in the Employee Invention System" 2012
  • "Series: New Trend of IP Law <Copyright Act (10)> [Vol. 28] Contents Created by Multiple Individuals on the Internet" 2011
  • "Very Basic Aspects of Business Law Practice-IP Law-" 2011
  • "An Issue regarding Employee Invention (Ratio of Additional Sales)" 2010
  • "Understanding the Assertion of Unregistered Non-exclusive License against Third Parties" 2010
  • "Black Oolong Tea Case" 2010
  • "Case Law and Practice: No. 381 Legal Problems in Copyright Law Related to Auctions" 2010
  • "Very Basic Aspects of Business Law Practice-IP Law-" 2010
  • "Authorship of a Cinematographic Work [Good-Bye Carol Case: The Second Instance]" 2009
  • "Unfair Competition Case regarding Patent on Active Matrix Displays" 2009
  • "Defense of Use of Registered Trademarks (Article 6 of the Previous Unfair Competition Prevention Act) -- Marin Gold Case" 2009
  • "Legal Advice on Trademarks (New Edition) 2nd Edition" 2009
  • "Sueyoshi's Approach to IP Legal Practices - who enjoys Intellectual Property" 2009
  • "Legal Advice on Design Law (New Edition)" 2008
  • "On IP Law (revised and enlarged edition)" 2008 (Editor & Co-Author)
  • "Judgment of Trade Secrecy" 2007
  • "Theory and Practice of IP Law Vol. 1 - Vol. 4" 2007 (Editor & Co-Author)
  • "Ephemeral Fixation during Use of Devices or Communication" 2007
  • "My Opinion about Human Resources in Intellectual Property Practice" 2006
  • "Trends in Recent Trademark-related Cases" 2006
  • "Reconsidering Protection of Trade Name - Responses to Abolition of Regulation to Avoid Similar Trade Name" 2006
  • "Q&A: Requirements for Small-to-Medium-Sized Companies to Protect Their Trade Secrets" 2006
  • "Round-table Discussion: First Anniversary of the Establishment of the Intellectual Property High Court" 2006
  • "On IP Law" 2005 (Editor & Co-Author)
  • "Thorough Analysis of Employee Invention - From Analyzing Disputes arising out of Employee Invention to Employee-Inventor Remuneration System Building" 2005 (Co-Author)
  • "[NBL-Times] Seeking injunctive relief after establishing exclusive license -- Decision of the Second Petty Bench of the Supreme Court 2005.6.17" 2005
  • "How Would Intellectual Property Litigation Change by Enactment of Two IP-Related Laws" 2005
  • "Round-table Discussion: Establishment of the Intellectual Property Rights High Court and Method of IP Litigations in the Future" 2005
  • "Symposium: What are expected of Regional Lawyers in line with the IP Strategy in Japan?" 2005
  • "Important Points on Protecting Trade Secrets to Learn from Personal Information Management" 2005
  • "Secrecy Order in IP Litigations" 2005
  • "Case on Chair-type Massaging Tool" 2005
  • "Round-table Discussion: Practical Issues and Logics on Unfair Competition Prevention Law" 2005 (Co-Author)
  • "Round-table Discussion: Legal Reforms to Enhance and Accelerate IP Litigations as Part of the Judicial System Reform (Part 1, 2)" 2004
  • "Symposium: Protecting Intellectual Property and the Role of Judicial Branch" 2004
  • "Round-table Discussion: Trends and Issues in the Amendment of Intellectual Property Law" 2004
  • "Burden of Proving Applicability of the Doctrine of Equivalents--Load Equipment System Case" 2004
  • "Points of Amended Act against Unfair Competition" 2003
  • "Internet Laws 4th Edition" 2003 (Co-Author)
  • "Discussion Points of IP Law-related Bills" 2003
  • "Criticism over Latest Precedents: A case in which the technical scope of an invention of a product for which a patent is claimed is limited to products manufactured using the manufacturing method of the product included in the scope of claims for the invention (Tokyo District Court, January 28, 2002)" 2003
  • "Providers' Liability regarding Information on Copyright Infringement" 2002
  • "Comments on the Act of Limited Liabilities of Service Providers" 2002 (Co-Author)
  • "Legal Advice on Law against Unfair Competition" 2002 (Co-Author)
  • "Intellectual Property Pledge and Difficulty in its Evaluation" 2002
  • "Legal Advice on Design Law" 2002
  • "Patent Law and Utility Model Law" 2002 (Co-Author)
  • "Legal Advice on Trademarks" 2002
  • "Interpretation on So-called Functional Claims" 2001
  • "Problems of Intellectual Property Law in Japan Arisen in Analyzing Human Genome that should be Overcome Towards 21st Century" 2000
  • "How Are Trade Secrets Treated By Japanese Courts Under the Japanese Civil Procedure?" 1999
  • "The Range of Damages Recoverable for Complete or Partial Data Loss due to Defective Computer Hardware or Software" 1999 (Co-Author)
  • "Basic Knowledge on Patents, Designs, and Trademarks (3rd Edition)" 1999 (Co-Author)
  • "Primitive Ownership of Intellectual Property as the Fruits of Enterprise Activities" 1995
  • "Multimedia Business and Laws" 1995 (Co-Author)
  • "Q&A: Unfair Competition Prevention Act as Fully Revised in 1993" 1994 (Co-Author)
  • "Substantive Aspects of the Recently Amended Japanese Unfair Competition Law" 1992
  • "Computer-generated Works and their Copyrights" 1989
  • "Biotechnology Study Group and its Role" 1988
  • "Information Network Society and Law" 1988

  • NOTE: All publications are written in Japanese.  These English titles listed above are translated from the Japanese originals only for reference purposes.


  • 3rd Copyright Seminar "Practice regarding Use of Works in the Changing Copyright Environment" Hosted by Japan Reproduction Rights Center (JRRC), October 2, 2013

  • NOTE: All seminars were presented in Japanese.  These English titles listed above are translated from the Japanese originals only for reference purposes.